Craft beer addiction


Over the past few years my love for craft beer has grown & grown with the amazing success of Brewdog seemingly making craft beer the go to beer nowadays rather than the usual Budweiser, Carling etc.

  My tastes have definitely changed from what was my favourite beer years ago, Brahma, a very light lager style beer to my new favourite with way more flavour, oskar blues pinner.  For my tastes, oskar blues pinner would be a really good gateway beer to get you into trying more hoppy beer, it's also available in Tesco which makes it pretty accessible if you fancy trying it. Refreshing, hoppy, fruity & not too heavy, it's a great tasting beer.


Cans have also become very prominent in the craft beer world, which I really love.  Cans keep the beer fresher as the seal is more efficient at keeping certain gases in than bottled beer.  There's also no chance of light affecting the beer, which tends to be why beer comes in brown bottles, it's to reduce the affect light can have in the beer.  Lastly, cans are a little easier to dispose of and are lighter and more robust than bottles.

Some of my favourite breweries at the moment that you should check out are: 

Brewdog  - My picks: Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club

Cromarty Brewing Co. - My Picks: Happy Chappy, Kowabunga

Fourpure Brewing Co. - My Pick: Easy Peeler

Magic Rock Brewing - My Pick: High Wire Grapefruit

Oskar Blues - My Pick - Pinner Throwback IPA

Beavertown Brewery - My Pick: Neck Oil

The craft beer world is enormous, there are endless beers to try, so dip into it and have a search for your new favourite.

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